The ReSolve Center, LLC, provides mediation services for individuals with legal issues and life challenges.  Our Center will provide avenues of resolution to those choosing not to do so in a public courtroom.  Based in Roanoke, Virginia, we provide mediation services for clients throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Agreement Reached - The ReSolve Center

Every legal dispute can cause great emotion and hardship. The ReSolve Center is a safe place where legal disagreements can be negotiated with a Virginia Certified Mediator and Counselor, and an Attorney with broad experience, who is a member of the Virginia Bar Association. Together, they will guide you through the tough and thorny issues toward workable and livable solutions.

We will help you solve situations so that you can move forward with life. We begin by creating a roadmap to resolution that taps into where you are in the conflict when you come to us. Each problem or issue is unique, and so we treat each issue with a customized plan for resolution of the matter.

We will work with you in a comfortable, private and confidential setting to help you through the process by listening to both of you, your concerns and what challenges you face. Together, we develop a roadmap to navigate you both to the destination of resolution. We are aware that people choose mediation for many reasons to attempt to resolve many types of issues. Therefore, a cookie-cutter approach to mediation does not work. We use an adaptive and flexible approach to mediation to address your needs. And we can use other professionals, such as accountants, health care providers, psychologists, to assist in meeting your unique needs.

Mediation is not about winning and losing; it is about reaching a compromise solution to a matter that is livable and workable. Your mediator will identify the issues and then will communicate with you both, either separately and/or together, depending on your needs and desires. Your mediator will facilitate and guide you toward resolution.

The contents of this website identify and explain who we are, how we approach mediation, and what makes us unique. Please take a moment to explore the site to find answers to your questions. If we have not answered your questions, please call us at (540)581-2695.