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About Mitzi Hartwell

Mitzi is a graduate of Radford University with a Bachelor’s degree in therapeutic recreation as well as leisure andMitzi Hartwell - the ReSolve Center recreation services administration. While a student, she ran for Radford University’s cross-country team. She was inducted into Radford University’s Hall of Fame in 2008 for her athletic accomplishments.

Mitzi has accumulated a variety of experiences throughout her professional career. She initiated and managed several successful Georgia corporations with the primary emphasis on empowering others for life success.

Mitzi’s experience includes extensive work/projects focused on conflict Resolution. She has provided services for the Department of Defense, Internal Revenue Service criminal investigation division, US marshals, and for corporate and educational institutions.

Mitzi has excelled in her professional work of providing creative yet effective approaches to problem resolution and program /professional enhancement services. Her work is recognized for effective intervention services for at risk youth and families, team-building with government/corporate entities, and business consultation.

In addition to teaching special education while living in Georgia, her experience also includes program management for a variety of individuals with disabilities. She is or has served as a corporate trainer, school system consultant, crisis intervention specialist and developer of alternative programs.

Mitzi resides in Roanoke Virginia. She is the proud parent of a remarkable young man, Zachary Hartwell.
Mitzi completed her mediation certification December 2016. In addition to her work with the ReSolve Center, she volunteers as a mediator with Conflict Resolution Center in Roanoke Virginia.

Mitzi holds a strong worth ethic. She has a deep and strong commitment to helping others with the skills and knowledge needed for personal enhancement and problem resolution.


About Bettina C. Altizer

Bettina Altizer - The ReSolve CenterMs. Bettina C. Altizer (Partner) was born in Uniontown, Pennsylvania. At the age of three, she decided that she wanted to be a lawyer and that desire never wavered. Betti-na moved to the Roanoke Valley with her family in 1973 and graduated with high distinction from the University of Virginia in 1985 with a B.A. in American Government. Bettina graduated from the University of Virginia School of Law in 1988.
She began practicing with her father, Jack Altizer, in 1991 and they formed the Roanoke injury firm of Altiz-er & Altizer in Roanoke, VA. When her father retired in 2012, Bettina formed the firm of Altizer Law, P.C. Terri Welch Luzynski joined the firm in 2012. They practice exclusively in personal injury, with a special emphasis on medical malpractice, vehicle accidents, and nursing home neglect.
Bettina is a five-time World champion and American and world record holder in powerlifting. At one time, Bettina was considered the world’s strongest drug-free power lifter, pound for pound. She brings the same winning competitive spirit to every case.
Bettina is passionate about the rights of the injured, about helping people become the best they can be, and about the power of every individual when they discover true strength of mind, body and spirit.

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