How Mediation Works

Give and Take - The ReSolve CenterMediation works because you have both committed to the process of mediation and to work toward a reasonable, livable, and workable resolution. We are your guides to facilitate discussions relating to the issues, unique needs, and desired outcomes.  We assist with the respectful and fluid exchange of information, ideas, thoughts, feelings, and needs.   We utilize a “no judgment zone” so that you can feel comfortable and safe to share whatever you wish.  Our job is to hear you both objectively and then guide you to a fair and reasonable memorialized resolution.   The bottom line is that mediation works because you work.


A typical mediation process essentially follows these steps:
  1. The mediator(s) lay out the rules of the mediation process.
  2. Each of the parties of the dispute presents their view on the issues.
  3. Each party’s interests and goals are clearly identified.
  4. The parties and the mediator identify the relevant issues to resolve.Reconciler - The ReSolve Center
  5. Each party’s options for resolving the dispute are identified.
  6. Workable solutions are discussed and analyzed form the point of view of each party to the dispute.
  7. Workable solutions emerge as livable and workable.
  8. Agreement between the parties is reached.
  9. A written legal agreement is recorded and signed

This describes a basic process. We review each dispute and meet the parties involved, and adapt the process for each specific situation. We provide an adaptive, flexible approach to each dispute resolution. Your dispute will not be forced into a process that does not fit. The goal of the mediation is to hear and understand your feelings, fears, and needs, and then to create a process that guides you both toward a livable and workable agreement.

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